From 2010-07-14 to 2010-08-12


08:40 Revision 90:5ecd347a3ecd: format layer name more nicely
Wolfgang Schnerring
08:36 Feature #7876 (Fix released): Show current test case in command log
It would be nice if the command log of the selenium runner could contain an entry "running test_foo_bar" in between t... Wolfgang Schnerring


14:11 Revision 89:b7aa54629d85: added (assert|waitFor)Element(Width|Height) to the selenese API
Thomas Lotze


10:52 Revision 88:c4db8ea3154f: Back to development: 0.7
Thomas Lotze
10:52 Revision 87:4e157308f65a: Tagging 0.6
Thomas Lotze
10:51 Revision 86:936aadcdcb19: Preparing release 0.6
Thomas Lotze
10:48 Revision 85:3b1d9de87574: cleaned up changelog
Thomas Lotze


14:54 Revision 84:3c5f682fe505: API expansion: ``getSelectedValue``, ``getSelectedIndex``
Wolfgang Schnerring


18:23 Revision 83:cfcf334f20b8: - API expansion: add the assertions for ``getLocation``.
Christian Zagrodnick
18:08 Revision 82:5f491227b7ae: - The name of the factored test layer contains the module of the bases now. The
name is used by zope.testrunner distinguish layers. Before this fix selenium
layers factored from base layers with th...
Christian Zagrodnick
18:08 Revision 81:d268a56f37db: added which I forgot in one of my last checkins
Christian Zagrodnick
14:59 Revision 80:57b786b0b3c4: - API expansion: add ``clickAt``.
Christian Zagrodnick
14:34 Revision 79:8b9f60039690: - The ``pause`` method uses float division now. Pauses where implicitly rounded
to full seconds before when an int was passed. Christian Zagrodnick
11:05 Revision 78:862686d7f1ef: - API expansion: add ``runScript``.
Christian Zagrodnick
10:05 Revision 77:f66e5131256d: - API expansion: add ``isChecked`` to verify checkboxes.
§ Christian Zagrodnick
08:40 Bug #7681 (Fix committed): assertXpathCount() expects a string
Applied in changeset r115465. Christian Zagrodnick
08:37 Revision 76:a5dbc0bbb3dd: - assertXpathCount now also takes ints (fixes #7681).
Christian Zagrodnick


09:21 Bug #7790 (Fix released): Patterns should work with multiline strings
gocept.selenium-0.5 Wolfgang Schnerring
08:45 Bug #7790 (Fix committed): Patterns should work with multiline strings
Applied in changeset r115402. Wolfgang Schnerring
08:13 Bug #7790 (Fix released): Patterns should work with multiline strings
matches should use @re.DOTALL@, so that 'glob:foo*' will match 'foo\nbar' Wolfgang Schnerring
09:21 Revision 75:596caf776fd2: Back to development: 0.6
Wolfgang Schnerring
09:19 Revision 74:7f9876e66de3: Tagging 0.5
Wolfgang Schnerring
09:19 Revision 73:f574020b229e: Preparing release 0.5
Wolfgang Schnerring
08:44 Revision 72:614c09066c42: Fixes #7790: make patterns work with multiline strings
Wolfgang Schnerring


13:21 Bug #7681 (Fix released): assertXpathCount() expects a string
Currently, you have to @s.assertXpathCount('//td', '3')@ which is rather clumsy.
The underlying reason is that the...
Wolfgang Schnerring


17:22 Feature #7653 (Rejected): Cage browser in an xnest window
It would be very relieving if a selenium test run could be made to open the browser against an xnest server. That way... Thomas Lotze

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