From 2010-11-22 to 2010-12-21


21:01 Revision 177:f99a07d30a7a: refactor package structure of plone.testing support
to avoid Testing.ZopeTestCase imports which break plone.testing Godefroid Chapelle
18:55 Revision 176:47a79ec07c5b: use plone.testing layers correctly
Godefroid Chapelle
18:54 Revision 175:4064d13795a8: tune buildout
Godefroid Chapelle
14:59 Feature #6488: Enable multi-threading
In the zope2 flavour multi threading leads to isolation/thread-safety problems (see branch wosc-zope2-threads) Wolfgang Schnerring
14:43 Revision 174:473e04d5d72e: avoid the need for a specific TestCase class by moving Selenese instance to
layer Godefroid Chapelle
14:30 Revision 173:02afa865c4d0: use plone.testing layers correctly
Godefroid Chapelle
09:33 Feature #8448 (Fix released): Split off HTTP test infrastructure flavours
We've grown quite a few test infrastructure integration layers (,, plain wsgi, static f... Wolfgang Schnerring
08:56 Revision 172:5ce1328493bc: Make refresh() wait for the browser to actuall load the page before continuing
Wolfgang Schnerring


11:27 Revision 171:f9f67545c320: Change zope2 flavour to run single-threaded, since Testing.ZopeTestCase is not really prepared for multi-threading, but we don't have a proper solution to that issue yet
(Most other flavours are single-threaded, too, so I don't feel to badly about this; at least it's consistently in the... Wolfgang Schnerring


09:11 Revision 170:2b3982a030cf: branch was renamed
eggs were released Godefroid Chapelle


11:55 Revision 169:e6239586d5cc: autocheckout until released
Godefroid Chapelle


11:21 Revision 168:f72a957579fe: Refactor server startup for zope2 flavour
Although the startup code originates from Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils.startZServer(), it now doesn't have that much in... Wolfgang Schnerring
11:18 Revision 167:2e6d45ef7544: Remove port randomizing for zope2 flavour
Wolfgang Schnerring
10:20 Feature #6484: Make browser configurable
Applied in changeset r118812. Wolfgang Schnerring
10:20 Feature #8260 (Fix committed): Support for WSGI and Grok testlayer flavours
Applied in changeset r118812. Wolfgang Schnerring
10:20 Revision 166:debbf019afb8: Remove merged branch
Wolfgang Schnerring
10:20 Revision 165:3422121bcbf0: Merge janjaapdriessen-wsgi branch
* Fixes #8260: Provide integration with the recent testlayer approach
( used by Gro...
Wolfgang Schnerring


14:16 Revision 164:19e76ed49856: pep8
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:13 Revision 163:f0efae6fdc73: Test App2 for the other wsgi test layer.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:12 Revision 162:8d559f4f1371: Use the name of the application in the layer name in order to distinguish WSGI layers.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:12 Revision 161:c5f03f674dff: A test for multiple WSGI layers.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:11 Revision 160:ae4e8603ed7d: Use the name of the application in the layer name in order to distinguish WSGI layers.
Jan-Jaap Driessen


15:54 Revision 159:efcde17fe149: Updated readme on grok and wsgi layers, documented controlling gocept.selenium through environment variables.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:54 Revision 158:1e575fd0ee7f: Implemented the isolation test for the grok layer.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:28 Revision 157:354ff6a25726: Fix test.
Jan-Jaap Driessen


10:26 Revision 156:9db91f3053e5: Call the super testSetUp in order to have the layer.selenium set up.
Jan-Jaap Driessen


15:47 Revision 155:04054cb1bec7: Get a new ZODB connection per traversal
Wolfgang Schnerring
15:46 Revision 154:e6d11072c9f4: Branch to investigat thread isolation problems with selenium+zope2
Wolfgang Schnerring


17:55 Revision 153:947e99f15ab2: Pass keyword arguments too.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
11:57 Revision 152:89b2f08bd314: Spell context more nicely
Wolfgang Schnerring


19:09 Feature #6492: Support 'label=' as locator
maybe this helps: Wolfgang Schnerring
19:00 Bug #6485 (Fix committed): Quit browser on Ctrl-C
Applied in changeset r118708. Wolfgang Schnerring
18:59 Revision 151:186f7d9d20a6: Fixes #6485: Quit browser when the testrunner terminates
Wolfgang Schnerring
18:45 Bug #6489 (Fix committed): Sensible error message when connection to RC fails
Applied in changeset r118707. Wolfgang Schnerring
18:45 Revision 150:025dc21c0e2b: Fixes #6489: Raise readable error when connection to RC server fails
Wolfgang Schnerring
18:35 Feature #7876: Show current test case in command log
Applied in changeset r118706. Wolfgang Schnerring
18:34 Feature #7876 (Fix committed): Show current test case in command log
applied in r118706 Wolfgang Schnerring
18:34 Revision 149:90ce2dcf698c: Fixes #7876: Show current test case in command log
Wolfgang Schnerring
18:21 Feature #6697 (Rejected): enable HTTP-Auth in browser profile
I haven't seen this problem happen anymore for at least a year, I guess FF >3.x doesn't react this way anymore?
Wolfgang Schnerring
18:17 Feature #6490 (Rejected): Figure out how to set the browser locale
Setting the locale is not possible with Selenium-RC right now, the only workaround is to prepare a specific FF profil... Wolfgang Schnerring
11:51 Revision 148:93058e94318d: Add rudimentary documentation
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:40 Feature #8400 (Rejected): Base ztk.Layer on wsgi.Layer
Structurally, ztk.Layer could do the same as grok.Layer and base itself on wsgi.Layer, using Wolfgang Schnerring
11:35 Revision 147:c31e3f1109b3: Back out r118697: wsgiref didn't work properly when I tested it with a real-world testsuite of a project of ours, so we'll stay with zope.server for now
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:28 Revision 146:f9e8006d6159: changelog
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:11 Bug #6818 (Rejected): Confirmations cause unreadable/unrecoverable isolation errors
Confirmation handling (choose*OnNextConfirmation) has landed quite a while ago (0.7 IIRC), but I'm afraid there's not... Wolfgang Schnerring
11:07 Feature #8399 (Confirmed): eval helper
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:05 Bug #8382 (Confirmed): support assertions for getSelectOptions
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:03 Feature #6819 (Fix released): Implement selenese support for handling confirmations.
gocept.selenium-0.7 Wolfgang Schnerring
11:02 Revision 145:d93c0cace4f8: Remove unused variable
Wolfgang Schnerring
11:02 Feature #7653 (Rejected): Cage browser in an xnest window
goes into #6483 Wolfgang Schnerring
11:00 Feature #6497 (Rejected): Implement store* on python side
that just doesn't make any sense, one will simply use get* and "store" the result in a variable of one's own. Wolfgang Schnerring
10:57 Feature #8260 (Confirmed): Support for WSGI and Grok testlayer flavours
Wolfgang Schnerring
10:56 Bug #6933 (Rejected): waitForText breaks when Element doesn't exist yet
duplicates #8376 Wolfgang Schnerring
10:55 Feature #6484 (Fix committed): Make browser configurable
Applied in r118299 and r118439 by Jan-Jaap Driessen Wolfgang Schnerring
10:55 Bug #7681 (Fix released): assertXpathCount() expects a string
gocept.selenium-0.6 Wolfgang Schnerring
10:49 Revision 144:b75ea5745b22: Break the coupling of Selenese to the TestCase, so we can instantiate in in the layer
Getting the failure exception from the TestCase doesn't really provide encapsulation against the underlying testing f... Wolfgang Schnerring
10:29 Revision 143:3080a2279f9e: Have wsgi.Layer preserve the __init__(*bases) gesture
Wolfgang Schnerring
10:22 Revision 142:0888fc314872: Remove `SaneLayer` base class, it doesn't serve any purpose, really
Wolfgang Schnerring
10:14 Revision 141:5274dc830633: Port application setup from ztk.Layer to grok.Layer to reduce coupling
to take the request factory class from there instead of hard-coding it here. Wolfgang Schnerring
09:58 Revision 140:6e9e5802013d: Base ztk.Layer on wsgi.Layer, use wsgiref instead of zope.server as the HTTP server
Wolfgang Schnerring
09:58 Revision 139:80657c12f938: Make layer name a little prettier
Wolfgang Schnerring
09:57 Revision 138:6f37ed3d97cf: Remove the custom SwitchableDBApplication
It does not actually provide any encapsulation against since we inherit from it, so we might as well do... Wolfgang Schnerring
09:56 Revision 137:f252798a6345: Adapt wsgi and grok layers to the naming convetions of the other modules, i.e. just `Layer`
Wolfgang Schnerring


14:53 Feature #8399 (Rejected): eval helper
From a project of ours:... Wolfgang Schnerring
14:52 Feature #7653 (Confirmed): Cage browser in an xnest window
This is something that needs to be done on the *server* side of selenium, so gocept.selenium doesn't really have anyt... Wolfgang Schnerring


13:58 Revision 136:7a19e42e4e6c: tests run with plone.testing branch for Plone3
Godefroid Chapelle


15:37 Revision 135:937c2e41346c: Make getRootFolder available to the testCase.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
15:16 Revision 134:cf6aaf1c15bc: Instantiate the layer outside of the testcase.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
15:15 Revision 133:ea22384ab450: Test app is now a class instead of a function. Use the sane base layer. Avoid super calls. Setup the wsgi stack in the wsgi layer.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
15:13 Revision 132:a8c31b08d1c5: Inherit from the sane base layer.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
14:39 Revision 131:28c5d15e5989: Introduce 'sane' layer base, similar to the one in zope.component.testlayer. This layer will be used in the static/wsgi and grok selenium layers.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
10:33 Bug #8382 (Rejected): support assertions for getSelectOptions
getSelectOptions returns a list, thus the assertion infrastructure cannot be used just like this.
Christian Zagrodnick


06:57 Feature #8376 (Rejected): Combine waitForElement and other assertions/actions
Various assertions (and actions of course) will choke if the element they look for does not exist, so you need to, fo... Wolfgang Schnerring


19:00 Feature #8189 (Rejected): Install Firebug into the FF profile
My recollection was mistaken: Selenium does not provide profile manipulation capabilities via the RC.
A workaround...
Wolfgang Schnerring

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