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gocept.amqparchive Manager 2015-01-20
gocept.amqprun Manager 2015-01-20
gocept.fssyncz2 Manager 2011-03-30
gocept.reference Developer 2009-04-01
gocept.selenium Manager, Developer, Reporter 2013-04-10
gtimelog Manager 2010-01-13



10:28 gocept.selenium Feature #9969 (Rejected): Extract log_errors feature from zeit.cms.testing to ztk.Layer
Moved to Michael Howitz
10:28 gocept.selenium Feature #6494 (Rejected): Improve test isolation
Unclear. Michael Howitz
10:27 gocept.selenium Bug #6496 (Rejected): assertText and unicode
Moved to Michael Howitz
10:26 gocept.selenium Feature #8400 (Rejected): Base ztk.Layer on wsgi.Layer
Too old. Michael Howitz
10:24 gocept.selenium Bug #10185 (Rejected): Own tests: make sure to quit browser
Seems no longer to be the case. Michael Howitz
10:23 gocept.selenium Feature #10186 (Rejected): Update compatible versions of ztk and grok
No longer relevant in 3.0. Michael Howitz
10:23 gocept.selenium Feature #10465 (Fix released): Get rid of for ztk flavour
Done in 3.0. Michael Howitz
10:22 gocept.selenium Bug #10872 (Rejected): Remove work-around for selenium bug about temp profiles
Not clear where we have or had this work-around. Michael Howitz
10:21 gocept.selenium Bug #11409 (Rejected): XHTML support for converter break support for <python2.7
These versions are no longer supported. Michael Howitz
10:20 gocept.selenium Feature #11467 (Rejected): Install Firebug into the Firefox profile
Firefox hat inzwischen einen integrierten sehr guten Inspector. Michael Howitz

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